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Alyssa's flight suffered a three-hour delay at the airport of Palma de Mallorca

In only 5 minutes, Alyssa processed her claim through NoWinNoFee for free

It was really easy, she only had to send a picture of her flight information!

From that moment, our travel experts kept in charge of everything and Alyssa didn’t have to worry anymore

In only 5 minutes Alyssa processed a claim from the airport receiving a compensation up to 600€.
Although she also could have processed it from her home, hotel...

1. Contact us as you prefer

We provide you with different channels for you to contact us in the easiest way.

2. Send us your flight information

Take a picture and send us your flight ticket and your identification card by both sides.

3. We will process your claim

Once we receive your documentation we will get down to work. With us you have a 98% probability of success.

4. Receive your compensation

If you win, we win. We will transfer your financial compensation by deducting our commission of 22% (+ VAT).


You are entitled for a compensation when: - Your flight has suffered a delay over three hours.
- Your flight has been cancelled. In addition of offering you another flight the airline is obligated to compensate you.
- You have been denied to board on your flight because of overbooking.
- You have lost a connection flight and your total delay is over three hours at the arrival of your final destiny.

Unfortunately, if your flight has been delayed for less than three hours you are not entitled to an economic compensation. However you are entitled to receive food, a method of communication and, if necessary, accommodation.
The amount of your compensation depends of the distance of your flight:

- 250 EUR if the distance between the origin and destiny is less than 1.500 km.
- 400 EUR if the distance between the origin and destiny is between 1.500 km and 3.500 km.
- 600 EUR if the distance between the origin and destiny is more than 3.500 km.

The amount of the compensation is for each passenger.
Regulation (EC) No. 261 2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 February 2004 establishing common rules on compensation and assistance to passengers in the event of denied boarding and of cancellation or long delay of flights. It is applicable if your flight has taken off from an airport in the EU or from an airport outside the EU towards an airport in the EU with a European air company.
According to the actual Spanish regulation, the period is until 5 years (since the flight date).
The time it takes for the resolution does not depend on us but of the airline company and the judicial period. It can vary from a few weeks until more than a year. In any case we will keep you informed of the status of your claim in order for you to have an approximate date. 
Nothing at all. Only if we obtain your compensation we will charge you a 22% (+ IVA) of it. Not being necessary to mention that no cost will be charged in case of going to court.

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We are specialized professionals in flight delays and cancellations, based in Palma de Mallorca. We provide knowledge and experience so the affected passengers can exercise their rights against the flight companies that, most frequently deny the payment of the corresponding legal compensation. We are serious and committed and we work in the fastest possible way for you to receive your economic compensation as soon as possible.

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